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YST engineers and designers utillze the most modern Computer Aided Design
and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD,CAM)systems.

YST many years of manufacturing experience has demanded we keep abreast
of the latest in production equipment. The following is a line up of some of the
state-of-the-art equipment we utilize un the manufacture of CV Axles:
CV Ball Croove / Track Grinders
CV Cage / Race Grinders
CNC Rough Turning Machines
CNC Finish Grinding Machines
Spline Rolling Equipment
Micro Finish Polishing Machines
Stamping Machines
Heat-Treating, Batch-Type Fumaces
Shaft Straightening Machines
Abrasive Cutting Machines

YST utilizes a wide range of Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment for precision production and repeatability. To make certain its equipment performs to the highest expectations, YST has developed top-of-the-line equipment dedicated solely for the production of CV Joints and Axles. In addition, new equipment is being added to continually improve production and quality, Typical is the automated equipment utilized to grind:
Ball Grooves Tracks
Inner Races

Another most important factor is our pool skilled employees They are versatile,
conscientious, and welltrained to perform their individual job functions with sped,
efficiency, and accuracy.

YST places extraordinary importance on quality control and testing, The company has established special Quality Control Managers who function independently from Equipment operators. These QC Managers are responsible for monitoring products at all phases of production to insure a consistently high quality out-put. Tools of the department include:
Micro Vickers Hardness Testers
Metallurgical Microscopes
Micro Computer Universal Testing Machines
Surface Roughness Measuring Instruments

Finally, the material we use is the best that is available. YST is receptive to change. If we are introduced to a material that is superior the one we are using, we make the decision to change based on our personal evaluation of the merits of the new material. The steel components of our CV Axles, for instance, are of a very high grade Japanese steel. And our CV Axle boots are made of neoprene which is formulated for long life and service.
These and other examples attest to YST's fierse pursuit of highest quality materials.

It has always been the philosophy of YST that good products require these six stated factors. Setting for anything less would result in a product which could reduce a customer's expectations. This is a condition which YST Could not tolerate. We maintain the highest standards because our customers and the level of their satisfaction represents the key to our continuing success.


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